Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Event Horizon (Ending) Part 6

                My old definition of love was nothing more than the symptoms of a disease rather than the actual sickness. I hope you won’t take that remark as blasphemous, because love is viral, but you are infected with life. You have a surplus of ease. Once you are overflowing, you have no choice but to act on what you’d been given. This is where giving, losing, longing, touching, running, hurting, laughing, crying, sacrificing, everything that can be done for another come from.
                And that’s when I saw them, the people I had sent to death, for what they really were. They were walking blind, but who needs sight when all it does is distract you from what you already know?
                I saw Soren and his people now, brilliant and haunting. To this world they shone like moonlight; their faces evidencing some greater power of illumination just momentarily hidden in the dark. The juggernaut, a river of light, was moving - they marched liked sons of God, immortal lambs to slaughter. This earth had no more room for them now than Hell had quarter. Dona nobis pacem.
                They were in love and there was nothing that could stop it. Somewhere, a voice was shaken from the earth saying: Qui habet aures audiendi audiat” as Death himself was crying out, “I have no power here.”
                Everything was undone, or redone. Like a flower blooming out again from the height of its floret, something new was born out of what had been thought complete. Some things are so real that they overwhelm everything that had come before them.
                Soon they will have passed onto something greater than all of this. The time for their amphibious existence was almost over. A moment was coming when they would be changed into something whole and thorough. Even now I cannot be sure if I was witnessing the vanguard of a healing or rather some sort of revival. If they were being made whole, was it by becoming something new? Could it really be something they always been, but only in part? A time was coming when they would be brothers, and no longer brothers in arms.
                What I was sure of was that I wanted to be one of those men who stood on the horizon. Under the face of God, light is everywhere. Such a place has no room for shadows, so they are eaten up until they disappear.
What could hide there?
What could ever want to?
                I walked from the window to my desk and started writing. I‘m going to go wait for the sun, but until then, I‘m not sure.

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